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Supplying fun machines for the home as
well as commercial outlets
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Mega Amusements
Established 30years

The Pinball Specialist!
Phone: 02 9772 0506
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15 Crusade ave Padstow, 2211

Your old stock.. Pinballs,
Arcade video game machines etc.

Turn your outdated equipment in cash.

All amusement machines, brought and sold!!!

Note: Workshop repairs carried out if required please ask.

What we do:
Qualified technicians willing and able to perform on your machine.

*Arcade Amusement machine repairs.
*Pinball Repairs, All makes and models, arranging from retro to the latest.
*Mechanical parts/electronic board repairs.
*Full overhaul of play fields.
*Replacement of poor performance/wormed parts.
*Full cleaning service such as dismantling of the play field, cleaned and polished, cosmetic artwork plastics cleaned/ new rubbers, light globes etc.
*Replacement of memory batteries in head section.

Memo: A fully working pinball is a challenging pinball to play.