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Beta Billiard Table
7" x 3.5'" Standard Hotel Pool Tables..
Engineered to the Highest Standards..
Absolute Reliability..
Only The Highest Quality Materials Used

Feature Include:
* Solid integral construction
* Fast white ball return (will take all size cube balls)
* Italian Slate Bed fitted with the finest English quality cloth
* Deep Pockets; Easy to use free play system
* Large capacity Anti-Theft steel reinforced cash-Box area
* Available with metered manual or Electronic coin acceptor
* Reinforced hinged access door (services does not required top removal)

Prices include all accessories
Lights plus cloth color available to suit decor shade and light kits from $95.00.
The finest pool table on the market today.

You be the Judge !

For further details just phone MEGAMUSEMENTS (02 9772 0506)

"Setting the standard"

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